Common Plumbing Question


What are the Signs of a Plumbing Problem?

The easiest way to detect a plumbing problem is the presence of dripping water or waste coming from the lines. However, changes in water temperature or pressure could also be signs that something is amiss.

What are the Dangers of Do-It-Yourself Plumbing?

Trying to tackle a plumbing job on your own can result in wasted money, energy, and time. Rarely do homeowners have the expertise or knowledge to tackle their plumbing issues.

What Are the Long-Term Risks of Ignoring a Plumbing Problem?

A plumbing problem that is ignored is more likely to become a plumbing disaster, since minor leaks and sealing problems only become worse over time.

What are the Advantages of Tankless vs Tank Water Heaters?

Tankless water heaters are the better option in almost every regard, since they are more eco-friendly units that waste less water and use less energy. Although they do cost more, there are a number of tax incentives that can help lower the price.

Is An Ejector Pump Worth the Cost?

For homes with below-ground plumbing, including those with a bathroom or washroom in the basement, having an ejector pump installed is priceless. Without the ejector pump, the home’s plumbing system would have no way of pumping the waste up to the sewer lines or septic system to get it out of the house.